Story of the death God

He who has lived so long that life became meaningless to him. He took so many lives that they are nothing just numbers for him. When he was born he too felt a lot of things, pain, suffering, sadness, hate, he felt it all but what lingers in his heart now is just an emptiness. A desire for it to end, for it to be over. People look at him with fear, hate, grief, hope but he can only look at them with emptiness. A servant to the ruler of the underworld who was denied the right to be loved or love anyone. He waited once for it to end, for the curse to take lives forever be lifted from him, to not be welcomed with tears. He one felt grief, pain, hatred, sadism and even love. But his love was taken from him by Gods and was made to kill his love by his own hands. Now he just sees everything; he felt so much one that now he feels nothing. He just seeks end of everything- life, world, this order and even his own life. Cause despite what he feels the God of death cannot die.

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